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Black Gold Golf Club - hole 18

Five for five: Some of the more memorable par-5 golf holes in Orange County

They're often the no. 1 handicap hole on the course, but they can be good birdie opportunities as well. We're talking par 5s, where good players can sometimes hit the green in two or at the very least set up a wedge shot for a possible up and down. On the other hand, the average player has to hit three good shots in a row to set up a birdie putt, a daunting task for most players, but not impossible. Add a few hazards and usually a smaller green and you've got a great challenge. Here are five of the best par-5 holes in Orange County.
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Sandpiper Golf Club

Santa Barbara: Bringing out the best in California's golf contrasts

Santa Barbara has always served as a release valve for Los Angeles. It is the easy getaway that still has the best of southern California weather, beaches and lifestyle. As for golf, you don't have to travel far to get a completely different feel in terms of weather, temperature and lifestyle.
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Monarch Beach Golf Links - 3rd

Golf in the O.C.: Seven things you should know about your trip to Orange County

So you're heading to the O.C., and you're planning a little golf. Fortunately, there are plenty of choices, but this is Orange County, California. Things move a little differently here. It has its own pace; its own vibe. Golf in the O.C. is no exception, so there are a few things you should know before you play golf around your trip to Disneyland. Here are seven.
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