Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa helps golfers improve their game with Fit2GolfT

Local golf expert Lui Chow and Hyatt Grand Champions team up to offer a trio of training packages

INDIAN WELLS, Calif. -- Hyatt Grand Champions Resort and Spa today announced a flagship facility for Fit2GolfT, a worldwide golf instructional program. The Hyatt Grand Champions' Agua Serena Spa will offer this unique program combining fitness training with massage therapy and swing analysis to afford golfers, hotel guests and local enthusiasts the unique opportunity to address the hottest topic in the game today-golf fitness.

Former Asian Touring Pro, and Fit2GolfT co-founder, Lui Chow, PGA, PTC, FIC, MTC has trained more than sixty PGA golf professionals using the Fit2GolfT techniques. Chow heads the analytical efforts behind Fit2Golf, and his presence at Hyatt Grand Champions gives golfers who want to shave strokes off their game a reliable resource at one of the Coachella Valley's most pristine destinations.

"The amenities of the resort enable us to provide a complete program of analysis and skills training along with the spa services all at one facility".

Chow and certified swing technician Jim Newton utilize the Swing Motion Trainer (SMT) to identify how an individual's muscle use and biomechanics affect their golf swing. The SMT mixes computer-software technology and video to provide each client with new approaches on how to hit balls straighter, further with more accuracy and consistency. The foundation for Fit2GolfT is built on this technical, personal and individual physical assessment.

Fitness training for lower scores

The physical and swing assessment assists Fit2GolfT trainers in their muscle development, stretching and relaxation massage recommendations to golfers. As part of the program, Hyatt Grand Champions Agua Serena Spa offers a full fitness facility, golf hitting bay and an array of massage services to compliment Chow's hands-on fitness and golf instruction. The full body workout along with muscle relaxation massages are an integral part of a golfer's success on the course, "The elements of massage enable the golfer to relax and let their learned abilities and skills improve their performance".

The following Fit2GolfT packages are available to hotel guests and the public:

The Eagle package is a three-day comprehensive experience. It includes one day of fitness analysis and golf instruction, and two days of course application and supplemental lessons.

Birdie packages, completed in two days, offer the same services as the Eagle, without the third day of additional instruction.

For those looking for a one-day instructional course, the Par package includes complete swing analysis and instruction, without any course activity.

(Eagle and Birdie packages include massage treatments, golf workbook, golf shirt, fitness center program, nutritional information and a full breakfast.)

For Fit2GolfT reservations, call (760) 770-3003.

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