California Golf Course Reviews

Palm Royale C.C. golf course - 5th hole

Par-3 nobility at La Quinta's Palm Royale C.C. in the SoCal desert

For a quick play and some sound exercise, the par-3 Palm Royale Country Club in La Quinta is the course for you. "It's a fun, low-key little course," said local golfer Sue Ellen McMaster. "There's no anxiety out here. It's great to walk and get some exercise and take everything in, instead of always whisking around in a cart.
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Golf Club of California - 7th

The Golf Club of California: A gentle experience among the avocado hillsides

Located just outside of Temecula and San Diego, in the heart of avocado country, the Golf Club of California is basically a public golf facility disguised as a private club. It's fun to play, scenic, well maintained and has excellent customer service. From the first to the last, golfers will enjoy well designed holes, excellent greens with plenty of white-sand bunkers, water hazards and mountain views to keep their interest.
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Shadow Mountain Golf Club - 11th

Shadow Mountain Golf Club: 'Squire' your wedge game to historic grounds in Palm Desert

Gene Sarazen crafted just a handful of courses in his Hall of Fame career, but after playing Shadow Mountain Golf Club in Palm Desert, you'll wish he had designed more. With beautifully drawn hole-to-hole segues matching well maintained grounds and a continually engaging layout, Shadow Mountain is a snappy, fun round that's perfect for new players and those of the 60-plus set. Befitting its designer, the grounds at Shadow Mountain are short, compact, historic and highly game.
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